One of the slot variations that attract many gamblers in casinos, Bucks Ahoy Slot has luring features like big payouts and bonus games. Some of the fascinating characters that the game features are a weird looking pirate and an animated parrot. Aside from the game’s characters, other elements of the variation make it more enticing to slots players. To assist individuals who want to play this slot variation, let us have a glance at the basic aspects and game play of Bucks Ahoy Slots.

Description of Bucks Ahoy Slot Machines

The slot machines work with nine pay lines and five reels. To have unique and luring graphics, Bucks Ahoy slot machines feature a Touch Reel Technology. Those who only want to play the game for fun and do not want to invest big money in slots, they can try this game because Bucks Ahoy Slot is one of the different variations of penny slots. However, even if it is a penny slot, it still offers chances to players to win the game’s jackpot by placing at least $0.90 bet.

This variation gives out at most 50,000 coins in the jackpot round. Since this game is not part of any progressive jackpot network, there is a good chance that players hit the top prize in a single play. Before playing the slot variation in casinos, it is important that players know which version of Bucks Ahoy Slot they will play because it has two exciting variations namely 90-coin Bucks Ahoy Slot that offers 100,000 coins top prize and 180 coin Bucks Ahoy Slot that features 200,000 coins jackpot prize.

Bonus Games Offered By Bucks Ahoy Slot

To qualify for Bucks Ahoy Slot jackpot price, players must place a bet in all the pay lines. Hence, for those who do not want to place bets in nine pay lines, they still have the chance to have additional payouts by winning in the slot variation’s bonus games, which are Bonus King Extra Game, Pirate Table Extra Game and Treasure Beach Extra Game.

Bonus King Extra Game comes in two packages, the two big coin extra winnings and six extra games that are often presented in most International Game Technology designed slots games. Meanwhile, players activate Bucks Ahoy Slots Pirate Table Extra Game when they get three pirate symbols. Lastly, they qualify for Treasure Beach Extra Game when they get three X-Mark-the-Place symbols at any pay line.

The bonus games and simple mechanics in playing Bucks Ahoy Slot open good opportunities to gamblers to win cash prizes, at the same time have fun, and enjoy.

Many online and live casinos offer this game so players will not have difficulties finding for an establishment that feature the slot variation. Players should remember that before they play the game, it is best that they have some understanding on money management to avoid incurring losses.

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