Surprisingly, even if slot machines are played solitarily, there is a need to display slot machine etiquette. This is because your actions while playing the game can affect those around you. Remember that you have to deal with lots of people while you are playing the slot machine, such as those who are waiting in line and the future users of the equipment you are currently playing. Therefore, let us present the rules of slot machine etiquette that you have to display in the casino:

On Falling in Line Of course, the most important rule in slot machine etiquette is to respect the queue. You are expected to fall in line properly should you want to play the machine that another is currently playing. This basic rule of slot machine etiquette also applies to anything that requires falling line.

There are also absent players who leave coin cups or personal articles on the slot machine stools to signify their return. Players are often obliged to follow this custom, although do remember that should you want to pause your game and leave a coin cup on the stool, always return as quickly as you can. Do not act as if you own the place by leaving the machine for a long time and prohibiting others to play it. Doing so might just cause conflicts and a bitter interference by the casino management.

While Playing One of the essential rules of slot machine etiquette refers to playing multiple machines simultaneously. Some slot machines in the casino generate foot traffic, while others do not at all. This causes some players to play more than one machine at the same time – that is, they fall in line at a high-paying machine, and then play the other machines beside the one they have fallen in line for. Playing multiple machines at the same time is only accepted when no one else is behind you. A rule in slot machine etiquette is this: when someone is waiting behind you to finish your game, concentrate on a single machine first, leave as soon as you have finished playing, and then play the other machine.

On Smoking and Other Courtesies Meanwhile, some players prefer to smoke while playing the slot machines. Although this is a controversial issue, our take on this issue is this: players who do not and do smoke should respect the signs. Therefore, smokers should smoke on smoking areas designated by the casinos, while non-smokers should respect the right of smokers when they are playing in a smoking area.

The last set of rules in slot machine etiquette refers to other social courtesies, such as courtesy towards the machines and casino attendants. Refrain from kicking the machine and cursing loudly when you do not get desirable outcomes. Also, as soon as you have landed on a big win, consider tipping the casino attendants who have provided you assistance throughout your game.

Following the rules of slot machine etiquette means considering other people’s well-being, and this gives you a sense of fulfillment. Remember that a fun social and gaming experience in the casino also involves courtesy and sensitivity.

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