Gambling as we all know is always considered a game of chance and luck. While the outcome of this game is unstable, there are numerous gambling myths that embraces the gambling world. However, myths are just superstitions that can always be negated by real facts.

The notion that gambling is more of luck is not that concrete. Mathematical formulas and other probabilities are considered tools to calculate a player’s odds. Most casinos operates with these strategies to increase winning frequency. If players had an advantage over casinos, then the casino would probably suffer a big lose. Evey casino have a pre-established percentage that would determine the advantage it gets over the players. These percentages are kept small but gains a large amount of profit because of the lossing frequency and the numerous number of players.

Poker, blackjack and slots are most often surrounded by certain myths. Many founders claim that the betting system in these games are fool proof in which there is always a sure win. This is such a comedy knowing the mathematics of casinos and the advantage concepts. There is no betting system that can be sustained for a long period of time. There is another word of mouth about the principle of winning. One is the counting of cards in a blackjack game. It demands genius mind to accurately count the cards and out them in place. Even experienced and skilled players can take up to an hour placing the cards.

The myth about slots is quite amusing. It is said that slots are monitored by casino owners and they have the power to decide whether a player win or loose. The truth speaks that there is no surveillance or hidden cameras placed on the slot machines. This game is entirely computer operated and is independent from a human interface.

Another gambling myth goes to the facilities used inside the casino to compensate as winning gambler. It is said that casino gives free meals, rooms and other sustenance to those winning gamblers.

They are treated as the best gambler that the casino have in the house at the moment. Casinos would say thay it is not always the best gamblers who gets compensated all the time. Free meals and rooms are offered by casinos to make the gambling experience a good one even if a player loses so as not to discourage gamblers to come back in the future.

Myths are said to be based on real occurrences in life. But as the time passes by, they become nonsense and sounds completely baseless. Some speculations also triggers the birth of myths. These myths exist to add spice in the life of a gambler.

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